5 Best Family Games

We are days away from Thanksgiving which means lots of time spent with family and friends! What's a family gathering without a little fun and competition?!

If you're anything like me and my family and friends, you love a friendly competition... and sometimes not so friendly! Tonight I am sharing 5 of the BEST games to play with your family and friends over these next few weeks at gatherings!

Drum roll please........

5 Best Family Games

1. Scattergories

5 Best Family Games | Scattergories
5 Best Family Games | Scattergories

Scattergories is the perfect game for the creative-thinkers and those with a funny bone! My boyfriend got me this game as a gift and it quickly became one of our favorite games to play with our friends. It's an easy game to learn and so much fun to play! 

How to Play:

Roll the letter die, choose a list, and start the timer!

In the allowed time, each player writes a word that begins with the letter on the die for each of the 12 categories on the list.

For example: With the category of "Cartoon Characters" and the letter "J", Jimmy Neutron and Johnny Bravo would be acceptable answers. 

It's a blast to get creative with Scattegories, and it's also important because if you and another player have the same answer, you don't earn your points! 

Check out the game here

2. Taboo

5 Best Family Games | Taboo
5 Best Family Games | Taboo

I have a lot of funny memories associated with Taboo, and I think that is why I like it so much! 

Taboo comes in many styles; for example, it's very similar to the app "Head's Up," but I prefer the card version much more! (I also prefer the older version of this game which you can find here.)

It's a fast-paced, partner or team game that will have you racking your brain! And the rules are easy.

How to Play:

Have your partner guess the colored word on your card without using the word itself or the additional words listed on the card. 

It's best to partner up with a long time friend, significant other, or family member that you have a lot of personal connections with. It makes it much easier to give them clues!

Grab yourself a partner you're compatible with, and let's get started! 

Find the game here!

3. Dutch Blitz

5 Best Family Games | Dutch Blitz
5 Best Family Games | Dutch Blitz

I was recently introduced to Dutch Blitz and it is a blast! If you like a fast-paced game and one that involves a little brain power, this is the one! 

It was a little tricky to pick up the first time I played, but once we figured it out we were cruising through games! 

How to Play: 

Score points by placing as many cards as you can on to the Dutch Piles, and getting rid of your cards from the Blitz Pile as quickly as possible. 

This is one game where you really "have to be there" to understand it. It is a blast once you get it down, and I highly recommend it for small or big groups!

Pick up the game here, and don't forget the expansion pack if you have a big family!  

4. Code Names

5 Best Family Games | Code Names
5 Best Family Games | Code Names

My current new favorite: Code Names! An award-winning party must-have game! A friend introduced this game to us, and the next weekend we had to get it to play with my boyfriend's family. Everyone agrees, it's a blast! This game is the most fun with a group of 6-8, split into two teams. We make it fast-paced by adding a minute timer to each turn - talk about pressure!

How to Play: 

One player for each team is chosen as "spymaster." 

The spymasters are given a map in which designates cards to each team.

The spymasters gives a one word hint and hint number to their team and the team guesses the "code names" that relate to the spymaster's hint. 

The first team to cover their map wins.

If you're going to play any game this gathering season, let Code Names be the one! It is so much fun, and I promise you'll love it!

You can find it here!

5. Telestrations

5 Best Family Games | Telestrations
5 Best Family Games | Telestrations

Telestrations was another gift from my super fun BF. Can you tell we like to play games?! This game is telephone revamped with the addition of Pictionary. And it's a blast. To be honest, I've only ever play with two players, but it was still so much fun with just us two!

How to Play:

Each player starts with a booklet. 

Players roll a die to see which word they will start with, then draw the word. 

The booklet is passed around and the players alternate between drawing and guessing what the drawing is. 

Continue until you have your original booklet.

It's hilarious to see what evolves from the hints! If you want a good laugh, this is a perfect game for you! 

Do you have a favorite game you like to play at your gatherings?! I would love to hear your suggestions! 

I hope you enjoy a new game this year and maybe even find a new tradition!




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