DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner! Are you ready?! In case you aren’t, I have come up with a few simple and fun DIY Halloween costumes that you can gather last minute.

When it comes to Halloween, I am usually pretty last minute. It’s a shame because Halloween is so much fun, and it’s a time where creatives can really step out of the box!

Unfortunately, we aren’t always prepared a month before Halloween to create an elaborate, award-winning costume. But no worries friends, these quick, easy costumes will do the trick (or treat!) 

On The Paige Blog | DIY Halloween Costumes


On The Paige Blog | DIY Halloween Costumes | Cactus

This cactus costume is a simple DIY made with pipe cleaners! Just be sure your sweater is loosely knit so you don't ruin it!

Boo from Monster's Inc. 

On The Paige Blog | DIY Halloween Costumes | Boo Monster's Inc.

The easiest of all, but always so adorable. Complete this look with an oversized pink tee and purple leggings. Boo also carries a teddy bear!


Everyone's favorite aardvark! Arthur was one of my favorite after-school cartoons. Simply throw a yellow sweater over a white button down, add the round glasses, ears, and there you have it! Add a stack of books for extra character. 

On The Paige Blog | DIY Halloween Costumes | Arthur

Farm Girl

The classic fall halloween costume! A denim overall dress, flannel, and boots makes for one cute farm girl! Add some face paint for a scarecrow look. 

On The Paige Blog | DIY Halloween Costumes | Farm Girl

Minnie Mouse

On The Paige Blog | DIY Halloween Costumes | Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse is a halloween classic, and you surely have each of these items in your closet - besides the ears! It's fun to add your own personal style to things, and that's exactly what I did to re-create a fun, sassy Minnie Mouse!

I hope you have found some Halloween inspiration from these costumes. How are you dressing for Halloween this year?!



I would like to give a very special thank you to my co-worker Natalie for taking the time out of her lunch to shoot these photos for me. Also, to the rest of the office for styling advice!

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