Overcoming the Comparison Game

Hi, Friends ! 

You have probably been wondering what has been going on lately, and I am full of joy to finally be sharing small updates with you !

But first, a peek into the dark side of being an influencer. 

Overcoming the Comparison Game | Beating Comparison | Being Confident in Your Work

About a month ago (6 months into blogging) I was feeling discouraged about my "blog." I say "blog" in quotation marks because I desired for On The Paige to be more than that.

Scrolling through Instagram daily, I found myself playing the comparison game. 

"She styles her hair perfectly."

"Her makeup is flawless."

"She is so creative with her pictures."

"She has soooo many more followers than me."

I know we have all been there, especially as women. Everyday we are bombarded by advertisements through TV, social media, radio, the list goes on. It is said we are exposed to at least 4,000 ads per day! Per day ladies. That is crazy!

My comparison game is often played while spending time on social media. I never set out to create my brand so that my followers would scroll through my feed comparing their life to mine, because lets be real... what is shared on social media is often the best of the best. 

You didn't see your favorite influencer posting her true "I woke up like this" selfie with bed head and morning breath. NOPE. You saw her in her newest jumpsuit on a dinner date with her BFF's. 

I had these thoughts consuming me each time I scrolled through those tiny squares, and I realized I needed to overcome the comparison game if I wanted to continue doing what I love do.

If you find yourself playing the comparison game, read these reminders on how to overcome that feeling.

1. You are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

All of us were made for a purpose. All of us are special because we are uniquely made by our creator. Your achievements and your goals are nothing less than the friend next to you. You have special talents from the God who created you and you will fulfill His purpose for you by sharing those talents.

"So yes, sister, you are beautiful. You are beautiful IN Christ, you are beautiful BECAUSE of God’s love and life in you, you are beautiful and WORTHY of love and redemption." Read more at Blessed is She

2. Love Yourself

If you can't find it within yourself to value the gifts that you have, then the comparison game is going to get the best of you. If you can love yourself for who you are, for what you were made for, then you will know you have been blessed with special gifts. 

Create a list of affirmations and repeat them to yourself each and every day. Good affirmations to repeat are:

"I forgive myself and set myself free."

"My happy thoughts help create my healthy body."

"I do not have to prove myself to anyone."

For a more extensive list of affirmations click here

3. Spend Less Time on Social Media

Until you can scroll through Instagram without comparing yourself to each passing photo, stay off the gram! Only do things that bring you joy, and if comparison steals your joy, avoid the activities where you catch yourself playing that silly game. 

Overcoming the Comparison Game | Beating Comparison | Being Confident in Your Work
Overcoming the Comparison Game | Beating Comparison | Being Confident in Your Work

This week I challenge you to write down five blessings each day. Write down five things you are thankful for, as those blessings are what make you, you! Remember those blessings when you start to run negative thoughts through your head. You'll be amazed at the positive impact this will have on your mood!

I know it isn't easy to share if we feel alone, hurt, embarrassed, or discouraged. When you do feel that way, remind yourself of who you were made to be and how much you are loved by the One who created you! 

I hope this brought you peace in the comparison game. Lets overcome those negative thoughts together!