Winter Skincare: Exfoliate

Dry, cracked skin.

I am going to take a wild guess that all of us in the Midwest (and beyond) are suffering from dry, cracked skin this winter.

From our lips to our hands and faces, we have dry, irritated cracked skin throughout the winter.

While moisturizing is important, it is also extremely important to be exfoliating during the winter months.

On The Paige Blog | Winter Skincare | Exfoliate | Why to Exfoliate

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Exfoliating replenishes skin and helps maximize the effects of moisturizing. 

Throughout the winter months, I use a gentle exfoliator 2-3 times throughout the week before applying my Argan Oil moisturizer. 

I have fallen in love with the Nyakio Kenyan Coffee Face Polish that is infused with caffeine, Jojoba, and shea butter. 

On The Paige Blog | Winter Skincare | Exfolaite | Why to Exfoliate

This face polish gently exfoliates and leaves your face feeling fresh, smooth, and radiant!

On The Paige Blog | Winter Skincare | Exfoliate | Why to Exfoliate

After exfoliating, it is important to moisturize your skin. Exfoliating enhances the benefits of moisturizing. I follow the Face Polish with my beloved Argan Oil

Having a skincare regimen is so very important during these frigid temperatures! Be proactive in your skincare to avoid extremely irritated skin.

Be on the lookout for the wrap-up of the Winter Skincare Series coming later this week where I will recap my skincare regimen. Talk soon!



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