3 Tips to Develop a Fitness Habit

It's officially March and we are well into either falling flat, or hopefully crushing our New Year's Resolutions! Or maybe you aren't one to set one big resolution, but rather set small new goals throughout the year! 

I'm the latter! I prefer the tiny wins made up into one big win by the end of the year! It seems more realistic, and much easier to achieve. 

That is why I am kicking off a Wellness Series tonight on the blog sharing fitness tips, workouts, meal plans, and so much more!

Can I get a YAY?! 

To kick off the Wellness Series, I am sharing 3 tips to help you commit to creating a fitness habit that will last

Before committing yourself to 5:00 AM workouts 6 days a week when you haven't done anything for the last 6 months, STOP, and read these 3 tips to help you develop a healthy, long-lasting fitness habit. 

3 Tips to Develop a Healthy, Long-Lasting Fitness Habit | Workout Routine | Fitness Goals | Making a Habit

3 Tips to Develop a (healthy, long-lasting) Fitness Habit

1. Write Down Your Goals + Track Your Progress

Put your goals in writing (your chance of success increases by 90%!) and display them some place you will see them every day. Next to your bed, on your bathroom mirror, wherever you will see them consistently

Like I mentioned before, I prefer to set small(er) goals. By setting small(er) goals it increases your commitment of achieving them. For example, if your fitness goal is to lose 50 pounds - it isn't going to happen overnight! It's going to take time and commitment, and if you're wanting results overnight, you're going to become discouraged and likely give up. Instead, set smaller, more achievable goals that will help you lose that 50 pounds! For example, walk 30 minutes 3 times per week and eat smaller portions at meal time. These smaller goals will ultimately help you lose 50 pounds and make your big goal more attainable by breaking it down. 

When setting goals it is important to set goals that are able to be measured. When you have goals that can be measured, you are able to track your progress and see your growth! Goals that are measurable answer "how many and by when." Examples of measurable goals include:

I will workout 3 times per week.

I will lose 10 pounds in 2 months. 

These goals measure how many times per week you'll workout, how many pounds you'll lose and by when

I enjoy tracking my progress by writing down my running times. This way I can record my personal best times and refer back to see my progress over a month. Use your planner, a calendar, or a special notebook to keep you encouraged and track your progress. When you see that you're accomplishing your goals, you'll be motivated and inspired to continue crushing them! 

2. Plan Ahead + Have a Routine  

When you have an established regular routine, you're more likely to follow through with that routine. After you create your fitness goal - put it on your calendar! Schedule it and write it down. Create an appointment for your fitness habit. This scheduled appointment is your time to accomplish your fitness goals. Turn off all of your distractions and commit to your goals by planning ahead and having a routine.

If you're a morning person, put your workout clothes next to your bed (or sleep in them!) so you see them right when you wake up!

For me, I prefer to workout after work! For my routine, I always plan ahead and pack my gym clothes. After work I have no excuse to "stop by" home to get anything because I already have it! Off to the gym I go - no excuses! 

Knowing your schedule and planning around other obligations will help you develop a habit that will stick. If you're a group exercise junkie (like me!) it's much easier to make that appointment to be at class because you now have the accountability factor. This is a great way to plan ahead! 

I recommend sitting down on Sundays and looking at your week at a glance. Write down when you plan to workout and make the commitment before the week begins.

3. Celebrate Small Wins + Reward Yourself

Did you run a personal best 5K?! Lift heavier than the week before?! Do 5 more burpees than usual?! Celebrate it! Celebrating your small wins will encourage you to set new records and break them! (This is why #2 is so important - tracking your progress!) Knowing where you started and where you'll be in a month, 6 months, and a year will surprise you and you will be so proud of yourself! 

Once you break those records and crush those goals, celebrate and reward yourself! Now, I am not talking an extravagant reward because you cut 15 seconds off of your 5K, BUT if that's what keeps you going, you go for it! Rather, reward yourself with a fun surprise for the small wins: a new nail polish, a pedicure, a new book, new running shoes. Whatever makes you happy and keeps you going!

3 Tips to Develop a Fitness Habit | Writing Goals | Goal Setting | Fitness Goals

Most importantly, become involved in a fitness habit that will help you grow, motivate you, encourage you, and keep you happy and healthy!

I hope these tips have helped you become committed to creating a fitness habit that will last! What are your fitness goals? I'd love to help cheer you on! 



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