Top Workout Essentials

Hey, Friends!

With New Year Resolutions in full swing, I am excited to share that I will be starting a Health Series launching in March! Typically around this time, spring break rolls around and some of those dedicated resolutioners fall off the wagon; I am going to be here to help that NOT happen! 

I am teaming up with my favorite group ex instructor, personal trainer, registered dietician, and friend to bring you at-home workouts, healthy eating tips, and so much more! 

To prepare for all of the wellness goodies next month, today I am sharing my favorite workout essentials from water bottles to shoes to equipment! 

On The Paige Blog | Top Workout Essentials | Workout Must-Haves

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Water Bottles 

A good water bottle is essential not only for the gym, but throughout the day. I find the more I love my water bottle, the more water I drink! This helps keep me hydrated and my skin healthy! I have come to love my Camelbak, Simple Modern, and S'well water bottles. 

Yoga Mats & Bags

I prefer to take my own yoga mat to the gym because guess how many sweaty people have been on those they offer? Lots. Having a lightweight, but quality yoga mat is essential, plus a great bag to carry it in! 

Workout Tights & Leggings

Over the years I have transitioned from working out in running shorts into tights and leggings. It's a personal preference for whatever you feel most comfortable in, but I have come to LOVE my tights! Bonus: POCKETS. 

Sports Bras

Having a supportive sports bra is essential in being comfortable during a sweaty workout! I have found the most luck in brand name sports bras such as Nike, Lululemon, Adidas, and Under Armor. This is the one workout item I will always splurge on to be comfortable! 

Workout Tops

I alternate between tanks, long sleeve, and crop tees based on what I'm working out that day. I prefer tanks for arms, long sleeve on leg days, and crops for cardio! 

Workout Shoes

While I highly recommend going to a running store and having your foot specially sized for the perfect shoe style for you, there are other great shoes if that is not an option! Brands I have loved in the past are Nike, Brooks, ASICS, and Mizuno. The most important thing is that you're comfortable! 

Fitness Trackers

I am a loyal FitBit user, so you will only see me recommend FitBit fitness trackers. I personally use the Charge 2, and love the heart rate monitor, step tracker, and GPS with the app capability!

I hope this has helped you prepare to get ready for our Health Series coming in March! If you have questions about workout essentials or would like to see something specific in the series, let me know! I'd love to hear from you! Stay active!